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KO-NA Foster Kalama and drum, made and illustrated by the artist.
If copying this photo, please give credit to photographer Anne Morin (


The music you hear is from Foster's CD, soon to be available.  Stay tuned!


I am KO-NA Foster Kalama (Wasco/Nisqually/Pitt River/ Klickitat/Nez Perce/Hawaiian), a traditional singer, flute player, and hand drummer as well as an artist, whose work includes pen and ink drawings; wood, elk and deer antler carvings; the making and illustrating of traditional hand drums; and the creation of Native American regalia.  


I am honored that you chose to visit my site and hope you will enjoy reading my story, learning about my art, music and other activities, and even buying some of my work!


You can learn a bit about my life and the ways of my tribe on the Biography page. 


The Art page gives information about the variety of my art work, that includes pen and ink drawings of the ways of the People of the River; the wood, elk and deer antler carvings I enjoy creating, especially for talking sticks; illustrated hand drums; regalia; and other items.


The Music page will expand when my CD is ready to be distributed.  I play hand drums, a variety of types of flutes, and I sing traditional music. 


You can find more information about talking sticks, Stick Indians (featured in some of my pen and ink drawings), Little People, flutes, drums, and traditional music on the Links page.


I am available for performances of my music, shows of my art, and inspirational lectures for youth and others.  You can contact me through e-mail at or by phone at 541 325 3797.

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